At the end of June, the 9th INmusic festival was held on lake Jarun in Zagreb, Croatia. This year’s festival could be summarized in these few words: good music, great vibes, wonderful location, packed camping grounds and, unfortunately, a lot of rain.


Nevertheless, the whole experience was absolutely marvellous. We stayed in the camping area, which was packed with a myriad of people, swam in the lovely lake, took a trip to the city centre of Zagreb (since, with the camping wristband, public transport was free) and listened to a diverse line-up of musicians.



koko grad

Flogging Molly and The Fratellis were definitely my favourite. Beside them, other participants included The Black Keys, MGMT, Pixies, Foals, Crystal Fighters, Bombay Bicycle Club and many others.




As I previously mentioned, the vibe was amazing. People from various countries gathered to celebrate music and having fun. The camping site was connected with the festival area by a makeshift bridge which could prove to be quite a challenge to pass for a slightly intoxicated person.




The whole festival peninsula offered two bigger stages, a few tent-parties, a live jukebox, an old-school-bus-converted-movie-theatre, Mexican/Italian/Chinese and typical Balkan food shops as wells as an abundance of chilling areas.

chill grad



One of the most amazing experiences for me was taking part in a silent party. A silent party consists of three DJs mixing songs from diverse genres (in our case, rap, rock and dance) and a pair of special headphones that enable you to switch from one DJ to another. To look at people around you singing and dancing to different tunes was nothing short of hilarious.




Unfortunately the weather wasn’t particularly kind to us since we were forced to come home one day earlier then anticipated because of non-stop rain. On Wednesday, the last day of the festival, it rained pretty much the whole time which led to soaking wet tents, super muddy grounds and huge puddles. The degrees also dropped way below your average late-June temperatures. It seemed, however, that many people weren’t bothered at all by the bad weather. They were prancing around barefoot, jumping puddles and seemingly enjoying the whole experience. Well, as long as there is beer, who cares, right?


Despite missing some musicians that performed on the last day, the whole INmusic festival was awesome, memorable and absolutely  stunning.

I have also filmed and edited a short video about the whole experience:

Looking forward to next year’s 10th!






Since I haven’t posted in a while (I am super busy studying for exams), I decided to publish a short “photo” post with a bunch of photos taken during the month of May in Ljubljana.


 The amazing art on Metelkova street.

Butchers bridge

Locks with love messages written on them on the Butcher’s Bridge.

Majske igre

Every year there is a two-week event called the Games of May
where the Slovenian Student Association organizes concerts and sports competitions. This photo was taken at the “Market of ŠKIS” where you can get all kinds of free food and beverage as well as listen to various bands performing from 12pm till 1am. It has become quite a tradition for students of the Universitiy of Ljubljana to attend this event.


The beginning of the “longboarding” season.


The University of Ljubljana


This picture pretty much sums up the weather we had so far: an unpredictable mixture of sunshine and rain.

Even though I am in the middle of the exam season, I have managed to squeeze in a day-off  in order to go to Milano to attend a concert of Linkin Park ( I honestly couldn’t let it slip through my fingers).

Since I will be going to the InMusic festival at the end of June, you can expect quite a few exciting blog posts in the near future. Until then, take care,



Since I spend quite a big amount of time watching videos on youtube and vimeo, no wonder I have come to accumulate a loong list of favourite ones. However, there are some which stand out from the rest. That is why I decided to write this blog post and share them with you hoping that you might find them as mesmerizing as I do. For the sake of narrowing them down, I split them into categories.

Now all that is left to do is to make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


Leo Zuckerman’s amazing video filmed in the world’s raddest bike park  in Whistler, BC.



Stories matter.

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Skiing trip to Zoncolan






This February we decided to go on a long-awaited trip to the Italian ski resort Zoncolan. The weather was splendid with blue skies and tons of
snow. And when I say tons, I mean literally. It has been snowing for a solid month and there were four meters of snow all around us which could only mean one thing: a super fun day!

We skied untill complete exhaustion and, at the end, we all agreed that it was a perfect way to end this year`s skiing season.

- Sara


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